Listrunner is relaunching as Desma Health! Learn more

Listrunner is now re-launching as
Desma Health

An AI-powered predictive platform to transform clinical teams and unlock the potential of your data.

We started Listrunner as a shared patient and task list to help improve team collaboration between doctors and nurses. Over 10,000 clinicians in more than a 1000 teams later, we are expanding our platform to provide teams with more insight and give hospital administrators operational tools to drive clinical and financial value.

As part of Desma Health, we’ve made Listrunner easier to use with List Scan so you can update your list with a photo. With Priority List, your list works for you by automatically prioritizing patients and tasks. And with Listrunner Analytics, get reports on your team and visualize how it’s working.

We’re excited to add to our platform tailored solutions for hospitals to unlock their data and achieve business goals:

Desma Clinical Documentation Improvement:

CFOs and Clinical Documentation Improvement Teams can optimize Case Mix Index and increase revenue capture.
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Air Traffic Control:

COOs and CQOs finally have a real time picture of what’s going on the wards and can prioritize operations for maximal patient throughput.
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Desma Staffing:

CNOs can deploy real-time and predictive acuity based staffing models.
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Contact our hospital transformation team to learn how our machine learning platform transforms raw data into structured insights to optimize your teams and hospital.

Want to learn more? Our clinical team specialists at Desma Health can help your organization grow high-performance teams. Email us at or call +1 (415) 980-6763.

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