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Air traffic control for your hospital service line.

Transparent, unified, real-time data, in the hands of the people who can use it.

Your hospital is smarter when everyone is on the same page.

Coordinated Patient Throughput

Achieve on-time discharge, pathways adherence, and appropriate inpatient length of stay. Eliminate OR and Bed Holds.

AI Augmented Coding and Auditing

Improve coordination and efficiency between compliance, coding and physician staff for optimized revenue.

Data driven Staffing

Manage nurse staffing for optimal care with less overtime and higher provider engagement.

High Reliability Organization

Monitor and intervene to reduce HAEs. Improve quality of care and elminate clawbacks.

Designed for Doctors

Already used by thousands of clinicians to solve front-line problems such as handover, workflow management and task tracking, Desma Health provides doctors with a powerful and fast tool that helps them keep track of the story for each patient in real time. It helps that it looks good too.

Enterprise Security and Compliance

Desma is fully HIPAA compliant. Your patient information and team communications are safe. All data is heavily encrypted end‑to‑end, securely stored and audited.

Built to Integrate

What over 300 teams say about Desma Health

Dr. Paul Tornetta

Orthopaedics Director

The app has works very well for us. We use it for all of our inpatients. It allows simultaneous access, which is crucial to frequent updates. It can be used from terminal or phone/tablet and has really improved our flow and accuracy of activities. Prior to this, we had many translational errors in the daily workflow. We also use it to track outstanding tests like cultures etc. after discharge.

Shanna Patterson


This application allows for extremely convenient access to & modification of the sign-out by all members of our team and seamless highly efficient transitions of care between day teams, night & weekend coverage.

Dr. Jonathan Becker and Dr. Eli Pendleton

MD, program director and associate program director

The ListRunner platform has performed far past our expectations, though that perhaps sells it short. It is a listing solution that offers everything we've looked for, and wished for, and far surpasses any of the vastly sub-par options we've used in the past. Once we saw our residents using it, and then used it ourselves, we knew we could never go back. The fact that our entire team can use and update the list, from any device, across multiple's been a game-changer for our inpatient service.

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